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Understandably, quarantine is tough. Being in the house day in and day out gets overwhelming. If you are looking for a positive outlet, then giving your kitchen a make-over would be a perfect choice. Changing the look of your kitchen may take a while but it is worth it. So, make your home more livable by giving your kitchen a new look!

Here are 10 ideas on ways to give your kitchen a facelift:

  1. Get a new dining table
  2. Buy colorful stools
  3. Paint the cabinets
  4. Replace your backsplash
  5. Get new lighting
  6. Change the floors
  7. Get new appliances
  8. Buy a new faucet
  9. Update countertops
  10. Remove walls

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  1. Get a New Dining Table

So, you may have had your dining table for a couple of years now. Perhaps consider getting a new one. You would be surprised to know just how much a new table can change the look of your entire kitchen. Of course, there are many different sizes, colors, and styles of tables to choose one. Therefore, be certain of the kind of table you want before going to purchase one. If you are looking for tables on a budget, consider buying a dining room table from IKEA. By going this route, you can get a whole dining room set for under 500 dollars. At IKEA, you have the option of choosing from many different table styles such as floral, modern, and more. On the other hand, if you are looking to go the more expensive route then consider purchasing a table from Lulu and Georgia. Note: You can purchase resizable tables that extend out for special occasions.

  1. Buy Colorful Stools

If you think your kitchen is not bright enough buy colorful stools. Your kitchen should serve as a cozy and comfortable place to cook in. However, it’s hard to want to spend time in a dull room. It’s time to liven up your kitchen island with different stools. Many of the stools come are sold in sets, making them easy to purchase and go. Also, there are many inexpensive stool options for purchase. Take your time, look around, and choose the one that best suits you!

  1. Paint the Cabinets

You may want new cabinets but can’t afford to do a full remodel. Fortunately, there is a remedy. Bring your kitchen to life by providing your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. Take some time out to figure out which color you want on your cabinets and have fun painting them yourself. Some quick suggestions for your kitchen cabinets are bright blue or mahogany. Also, consider challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone by choosing a color that you normally wouldn’t.

  1. Replace Your Backsplash

Some houses may be years old, but this does not mean your backsplash has to be. Backsplashes can span across the countertop and cabinet area. Also, backsplashes can just be centered around the range or even the entire wall. One quick option for replacing/installing backsplash would be marble, stone, or glass. If you really want a unique kitchen tailored just for you then, this would be yet another do-it-yourself project! If you’re going to be stuck in the house, why not be stuck with some easy-on-the-eyes décor? There will be links to various backsplash ideas below if you are interested!

  1. Get New Lighting

One of the most important aspects of the kitchen is the lighting. You want your meals to turn out the best way possible and this can only be achieved with adequate lighting. It is beneficial to know what kind of lights you want and which places in your kitchen need light. One popular light choice is pendant lighting. These lights are very bright and can really bring your cooking space to life.

  1. Change the Floors

You might be tired of looking at your same floor pattern day after day. The time for a new look has come. So, how can you go about it? First, you may be skeptical about changing the floors because of how expensive it can get and this is a reasonable concern. However, do not be afraid to take on the project yourself. With an appropriate amount of thorough research, you can successfully place your own floor. You may already have hardwood floors. If this is the case then, you can refinish the floors and sand them to change the floors to a different color. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a job that is easier to handle go for the vinyl floor route. See links below for step-by-step detailed instructions on hardwood floor or vinyl floor installations.

  1. Get New Appliances

Bringing new appliances into your kitchen can really transform the way the entire kitchen looks. Because of financial reasons, you may not be able to get around to replacing every single appliance and that is okay! The main appliances you should focus on upgrading are the refrigerator, stoves, ovens, and dishwashers. Updating your kitchen appliances can bring you more money because if you ever decide to sell the home the value of the property can increase.

  1. Buy a New Faucet

Adding a new faucet to your kitchen sink is probably one of the easiest upgrades and you do not even need to worry about getting a plumber to come out. First, decide which type of faucet you feel would fit best in your kitchen.

Here are three options for faucets:

Double faucets – These kinds of faucets have different valves which separate the hot water from the cold water. It is harder to install these faucets into your home. However, it may be easier to get the water to the desired temperature

Single faucets – It is easy to add these faucets into your home yourself, but the downside is getting the desired temperature may be more difficult.

Touchless models – These are faucets that are very similar to the ones that you probably have seen in public restrooms and the good news is they a now available for residences. Many people recommend this type of faucet because it is motion censored. Therefore, you can wash your hands without getting the faucet messy!

Hopefully, these options have given you more clarity on which faucet is the best for you. If you need more help narrowing down your options, then see the links below.

  1. Update Counter Tops

So, you may have decided that you want new countertops to give your kitchen a fresh look especially if your counters are chipped or damaged. Therefore, you can improve your countertops by painting or covering them.

  1. Remove Walls

Lately, you may have been feeling cramped or trapped inside your kitchen making it hard to cook in it. Try getting a wall knocked down to open some space!

Good luck, with your kitchen decorating endeavors. Now that you have some ideas on where to start, have fun and go forth!

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