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Spending more time at home means staring at the same décor over and over again. It can get boring to see the same furniture and the same wall paintings. Spicing up your interior design means sprucing up your current area while signifying new beginnings.

Here are the best ways to upgrade your interior design skills:

  1. Seek design inspiration and analyze
  2. Consider a theme with colors and fabrics
  3. Repurpose old items you already have
  4. Match the furniture size to the room size
  5. Measure everything
  6. Let your personality shine

Upgrading your space gives the area a new life and redefines your personality. The new space brings along new motivation.

Seek Out Design Inspiration

There are many places to look when seeking out design inspiration for your space. The best website to look on is Pinterest. On Pinterest you are able to type in one keyword and a plethora of ideas will come up. This is great for when you only somewhat know what you want to do with your space. Whether that be a color, theme, or piece of furniture, pop that word into the search bar and let Pinterest do the rest.

Another great place to start is either creating your own mood board or looking up pre-made interior design mood boards. When looking up interior design mood boards, make sure to only focus on ones that include what you actually want. If you try to pick and choose from multiple mood boards, it will start to get overwhelming. A good thing to do in that situation is to create your own mood board.

If you find that no one mood board on the internet fits your style, pick and choose certain things on each mood board and create your own. This way all your ideas are in the same place and organized. When you are done either creating the mood board or finding one that you like, make sure to look over the overall style and confirm that it is all cohesive. You need to make sure all your ideas fit well with one another.

Let other people’s ideas be your inspiration if you are having a hard time deciding what you like.

Consider a Theme

Base your ideas off of colors that you want to use. These include the colors for the walls and the furniture, even the color of the flooring in your space. A tip is to always use three colors. Three are always better than two.

The first color should decorate the basics. Basics are the walls and furniture. The second color should be included in the furniture. The third color can be highlighted in blankets, cushions, pillows, lampshades, and other accessories.

Repurpose Old Items

The easiest way to save money when interior designing is repurposing old furniture and other items. It is easier to start with a blank canvas but sometimes you need to work with what you have.

Look at old rugs and see if the colors in it work well with your new design. Learn how to reupholster old chairs and furniture like sofas. This will give a new life to old items. Reupholstering will completely transform the look of chairs and sofas and turn them in to unrecognizable new items. A new lease on life.

Match the Size

When deciding what furniture goes in what area, make sure to think about the size of each. Think about the grand scale. You will need to think about the size of the room and the size of the furniture. Measure both and see if they correlate.

Many interior designers recommend even small rooms having one big statement piece. This really opens up the room in an unexpected way. The big item could just be a headboard in a bedroom.

A true balance of small and large furniture pieces creates an appealing space to live in.

Measure Everything

Going along with the last point, make sure to measure both the room and everything going into the room. Another thing that you need to measure are the windows. One of the greatest things that goes wrong when interior designing is ordering the wrong blinds or curtains for the window. Either the color is not what you expected, or the size does not match with your windows.

Measure the room and all the items going in it in order to ensure that everything will fit in your space.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Above all else, make sure that your space reflects your personality. Letting your personality shine in your space will make you love it all so much more. The space you are putting effort into in order to interior design will be an area that you will spend a ton of time in. You want to make sure that you love it and represents you.

What is the hardest thing about interior designing?

The greatest challenge would be trying to stay on top of trends while still maintaining a timeless feel and touch. You need to make sure the space that you are decorating will not go out of style within a few months.

Managing costs is also a hard barrier. When designing, you need to make sure to monitor your budget closely to ensure you don’t go over budget. This could put a halt when trying to buy everything that you want if you go over budget.

Fast turnarounds are difficult to manage, and you need to understand that it takes patience. Patience is the key to it all. Have a timeline for when you want things to be done but be reasonable with how much time you give yourself. Don’t give yourself too much time that you can procrastinate. But don’t give yourself not enough time where you will have to burn yourself out to get it all done. If you hurry to reach a quick deadline, the space will not turn out as well as it could have turned out. Give yourself time and have some patience.

Should I Take Breaks?

Remember that you are human. You are an extremely hardworking individual and you deserve to take a break. Not only will this prevent burnout, but it will also help you rejuvenate. This is all for the betterment of yourself, your ideas, and your business.

Above all, it is important to know when you need to take a break. Listen to your mind and your body. When you are tired, your quality of work will go down. So take some time for yourself.

Even professional designers have a hard time stepping away from a project, but it is necessary to do so. Take a moment to breath and take some time for yourself. Whether that be going for a walk or run or even just taking a nap, some time to rest is much needed.

It does not make sense for your quality of work to go down just because you refuse to step away for a couple of minutes. But don’t be too hard on yourself. If you can’t make a deadline, that is okay. If something didn’t turn out the way you wanted, that is also okay. Learn to step back and appreciate all the hard work that did turn out the way that you wanted.

Interior designing is hard and requires a lot of patience and time in order to complete. The results of it all are completely worth all of the hassle that is put into it.

Source: Ideal Home, Design Docs