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Is your body the best it can look, feel, and move right now? Why not make more of an effort to improve your health? Healthy eating habits can help you, no matter what your body type is. In this blog post we will look at what body types there are and how it may affect the way you need to eat! Additionally, we will explore the ways to make your dieting experience successful!

There are 3 Main Body Types that People Possess:

1. Ectomorphs:

Ectomorphs tend to be thin and long with a narrow or petite frame.

They also have fast metabolisms, but they should still eat a balanced diet. Eating a lot of junk food and processed fast food will not help their bodies in the long haul. Eating more often (every 2-4 hours) and including plenty of carbohydrates (oats, brown rice, potatoes) can help their body stay lean while properly burning off calories.

2. Mesomorphs:

Mesomorphs have a medium build, and they do not have a significant amount of fat on their bodies (more muscle than fat). However, a disadvantage is that some people gain weight quickly. Based on this information, mesomorphs should watch their calorie intake and not consume foods that are high in calories and do not digest easily (ex. white bread). Wheat and whole grain breads are better since they are full of nutrients and allow their body to burn off excess calories.

3. Endomorphs:

Endomorphs have more fat on their bodies than the previous groups. Women have curvier bodies (emphasis on the waist, hips, and legs), while men are considered stocky (bigger and heavier body build). People in this group need to be more cautious about the kinds of food they eat. Consuming too much sugar or greasy food can negatively impact their health since they already have more weight on their bodies. Also, all endomorphs are not overweight. They just naturally have bigger builds.

Now that you know your body type, you may have discovered that you need to consume less sugar and eat more protein based on your build. Once you know what your body needs, you can start taking steps to change your diet.

There are various steps you can take to start this new diet and maintain it:

  1. Develop a Plan
  2. Reward Yourself
  3. Track Your Meals
  4. Water is Important
  5. Be Mindful of Nighttime Snacking
  6. You Do Not Have to Be Too Strict

Let’s learn more about how you can maintain a proper diet for your body!

Keys to Maintaining a Proper Diet for Your Body Type

1. Develop a Plan

Creating a practical plan to follow weekly and monthly can help you start without getting overwhelmed. Consuming various types of foods and exercising will help you become accustomed to your new behavior.

2. Reward Yourself!

Again, it is not easy trying to alter the lifestyle choices you make! It is ok if you backtrack somewhat or even temporarily lose faith in the process. It is a journey, and there will be roadblocks along the way. Give yourself compliments when you reach even the easiest, smallest goals because you put in the work to reach that point.

3. Track Your Meals

Sometimes, you may be unaware of how much you eat or what food types you usually intake. By recording your daily habits and the changes you make, you can see how much progress you are genuinely making. And you can be more proactive in controlling what aspects of your diet you are pleased with and what areas need improvement.

4. Water is Important

Water flushes your system (removes toxins and waste) and keeps you hydrated. By drinking more water, instead of juice or pop, you eliminate the risk of developing an illness based on high sugar intake. You cut down on the additives and artificial substances you put in your body.

5. Be Mindful about Nighttime Snacking

Eating big, heavy meals at night close to bedtime can contribute to weight gain, digestion issues, and can even throw your body off track. Try to aim for small or low-calorie snacks (ex. low-fat ice cream) if you want to eat something at night.

6. You Do Not Have to Be Too Strict

The key to a healthy diet is balancing your meals and cutting down on things that do not benefit your body. However, that does not mean that you cannot treat yourself. Indulging in your favorite foods, like apple pie, boneless wings, or candy once a week or every two weeks will not hurt you. As long as you properly portion what you’re eating, there should be no problems. You are allowed to have a cheat day or two.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are certain foods that you should stay away from or not consume as much. Potato chips, doughnuts, fried chicken, and soft white bread are some foods that are not advisable to eat often. Yes, these things taste good, but they are not nutritious and do not allow the body to burn off calories quickly. You do not have to stay away from these items forever but making simple changes can impact your health. Eating potato chips once a week instead of every other day can improve your diet and help you maintain an appropriate weight.

When people eat food, whether or not something is nutritious is not one of the main things that comes to mind. However, it is never too late to consider changing your eating habits. Many people discover they have gained a considerable amount of weight after the holiday season.

Deciding to eliminate and cut down on specific things or incorporate new food can benefit you. Here are some specific tips for various body types and diets:

What is the best way to diet?

That honestly depends on the person! There is no one way to consume food and consider calorie intake. Even though there are guides on how people should eat based on their build, these are not definite factors. Everyone is different, and the three main body types have subgroups.

People with petite or rectangular body shapes belong in the ectomorph category, but they are not the same. Women with hourglass figures or men with big builds and more body mass are classified as endomorphs, but their bodies still differ from one another. People need to experiment with several things and see what works for them. Whether it means cutting down on your salt intake, consuming fewer or more calories, or eating several times a day, you must decide what is right for you. By identifying your body type and what negatively and positively impacts your health, you get a better idea of what your body needs to be healthy.

How does all of this contribute to a balanced diet?

By investing in various types of vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious food, you are replenishing your body. Positive eating habits can also boost your mental and emotional state. Eating cookies, a hamburger, and later drinking a large bottle of Sprite for five days a week will not help you feel or look well. Also keep in mind that you can also prevent illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease when you make healthier choices. It is not easy to pursue, but it is worth it when you realize how much better you will look and feel.

How exactly will I know if this benefits me?

You will not truly know until you try a specific diet. And when you try something (ex. eating raw food, more kale, less red meat), do not stop finding something proper for your body if that diet does not suit you. You may have to go through four or five more until you find one or more that suit you. In the end, you are the deciding factor in whether something will benefit you.

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