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We’ve all had our eyes on that special something that we are just so eager to get. But the one thing that often deprives us of that item is its affordability. Let’s talk about what specific items you should buy in certain months to make them more affordable.

Here Are Key Tips to Follow When Trying to Score Major Deals:

  1. Some products are best to buy in months when their ticket price is cheapest.
  2. The holidays call for sales on a variety of products.
  3. To promote national holidays, companies and restaurants will give out freebies to get customers through their doors.

Getting the best deals on that product you’ve been eying for months is easy and very doable. All you need is a calendar and patience.


A new year’s start means new sales hitting the stores. Here are the items that drop to their lowest price in January:

  • TVs and electronics. With the Super Bowl right around the corner, retailers will normally discount their TVs and other home-theater essentials that will get consumers ready for the big game.
  • Fitness equipment. The New Year brings along new fitness resolutions. Retailers know that consumers are looking for any way to get into shape after ringing in the New Year. Fitness equipment and sports apparel sales are expected in sporting goods stores.
  • Bedding and linens. The “white sale” held in January brings along heavy discounts on bedding sheets and towels.


The month of love and affection holds sales where you can treat yourself to major items instead of little trinkets for your loved ones. Don’t forget about the people you care about most, but also treat yourself to a little self-care this time of year. Look into buying these items in February:

  • TVs. The sales on televisions spill into February, making it another great month to buy that amazing new TV you’ve always wanted. But act fast, these deals won’t last long, and the next prime time to invest in a TV would be Black Friday.
  • Winter Gear. Winter is coming to an end, and so is stores’ space on winter items’ inventory. Retailers are wanting to unload their cold-weather item stock. To do so, retailers will mark down winter products to get consumers to buy them and take the items off the retailer’s hands.
  • Home Goods. Presidents Day and the weekend proceeding the holiday call retailers to have home and apparel sales. Look out for markdowns on items to furnish your house and your closet.


Although there is a lack of major holidays in March, there is no lack of sales. Look for these items on sale in March:

  • Grills. Make sure to buy your grills and all the added necessities in March to avoid the unnecessary spike in prices once summer hits. Buy items like grills in their offseason to avoid the markups in prices once everyone is trying to get one.
  • Tax software. With Tax Day in April, tax retailers like to discount tax-prep items in March to drive in more consumers. Take advantage of these tax-prep deals.
  • St. Patrick’s Day essentials. If you’re looking for more green-themed clothing, party supplies, and jewelry, then the time around St. Patrick’s Day is the right time to get it. Online retailers and department stores usually discount these items to bring in customers and to get rid of the current year’s inventory.


April showers bring spring deals. The start of spring means the start of many new sales. Look for these products in April:

  • Tax-themed products. Each year, many retailers like to add some relief for consumers by offering discounts and freebies on a variety of services. An example would be paper shredding. This sale seems to pop up around mid-April.
  • Vacuums. Buying a vacuum isn’t the most exciting purchase, but it is the cleanest purchase. Spring cleaning sales from department stores and manufacturers will markdown these dust eaters.
  • Easter candy. To satisfy your sweet tooth, keep an eye out for Easter holiday markdowns on candy, plastic eggs, stuffed animals, and more Easter essentials.


May flowers call for sale blossoms. Here are abundant sales that spring up this month:

  • Furniture. There are three major days for shopping. These days are Black Friday, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. Since Memorial Day is in May, there will be big markdowns on furniture and home-décor.
  • Spring apparel. Fill up your closet with that shirt that you’ve been looking at for a couple of months during May’s spring sale. Retailers will hold discounts on spring apparel that has been sitting in their inventory for a few months to make room for new clothing.
  • Small kitchen appliances. Small kitchen appliances such as coffee makers and blenders are often included in Memorial Day sales. Use this opportunity to fill up your kitchen with some fun kitchen gadgets.


The incoming warm months bring incoming hot sales. These are the products to buy in June:

  • Gym memberships. Gyms are more likely to negotiate gym membership prices halfway through the year. Consider signing up for a gym membership online in June.
  • Movie tickets. Movie theaters often hold film programs in the summer, which includes cheap tickets to major films. Take the whole family or all your friends to the movies as a fun day out while purchasing your tickets online.
  • Lingerie. Major retailers like Victoria’s Secret will hold semi-annual sales in June. This is a great time to stock up on undergarments.


With temperatures still rising, prices are still dropping. Take advantage of these deals in July:

  • Apparel. If patience isn’t your strong suit and you don’t want to wait for the end-of-summer sales, then consider buying clothes now. You’re more than likely to find better prices on clothing now than you would later into the season.
  • Fourth of July/Patriotic items. Retailers like to have a reason to celebrate, and consumers can benefit from this mentality. In the days leading up to the Fourth of July, sales will be abundant on red, white, and blue products. Other sales include items like sporting goods, jewelry, and furniture.
  • Personal electronics. An upcoming trend is “Black Friday in July”. This sale holds discounts on nearly every electronic product category. Retailers like Best Buy and Amazon jump onto these sales.


August is the time for summer ending festivities and going back to school. With these endings and new beginnings come new sales. Score these deals in August:

  • Outdoor products. Kick out the last days of summer with big sales on lawnmowers, patio furniture, and other seasonal outdoor equipment.
  • Swimsuits. Splash away the final days at the pool with swimsuit clearance. Not only can you wear your new suit for the final days of this summer, but you can buy new swimsuits to stock up for next year.
  • Back-to-school supplies. The closer to the school year the better it is to buy small and big-ticket items for school. This calls for a better chance of getting a better price. These items include anything from a pencil and pencil sharpener to new laptops.


Many surprise deals pop up in September. These sales make themselves known in a variety of categories. Dig up these deals in September:

  • Mattresses. Year after year, September is the perfect time for mattress sales. Many online department stores have sales on mattresses on Labor Day.
  • Appliances. Labor Day brings in a blowout of deals in the week leading up. This includes promotions on big and small appliances.
  • iPhones. Apple’s annual keynote in September is known to include the announcement of the new iPhone. The unveiling is often followed by a drop in prices on the current model of the phone in anticipation of the new iPhone’s inventory.


The scary Halloween season doesn’t bring along scary prices on products. In fact, there will be plenty of deals on these items in October:

  • Outdoor Furniture. With the temperature dropping, people are more likely to spend less time outdoors. Retailers are trying to get rid of their summer inventory and will put deals on patio furniture and outdoor living products in October.
  • Jeans. If you are willing to wait a few weeks when the new top jeans arrive in August and September, you will find yourself getting the hottest new pairs of jeans in October at an amazingly low price.
  • Candy. As Halloween approaches, your chance of snagging a bag of candy at a cheap price gets better and better. Wait until the few days before and after Halloween to treat yourself to some sweet candy.


We are finally at the month that holds Black Friday. This one day holds a variety of deals on a plethora of products. Use November as the perfect opportunity to buy these items:

  • Home appliances. Reserve big-ticket home appliance purchases for Black Friday deals. These items include refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc. These sales are known to be present throughout the month as well.
  • Electronics. Tablets, laptops, gaming systems, and more take the stage during Black Friday. Look for sales on these products and more, such as smartphones and physical activity trackers, during this one day.
  • Tools. Home improvement stores will place discounts on tools, ladders, and toolboxes during Black Friday sales. This is a great deal to snag if you’re looking to take on a big project soon.


The end of the year is just the beginning of sales, deals, and discounts. Look out for sales on these products in December:

  • Electronics. December is another month where it is good to buy electronics. The Black Friday deals from the end of November spill into the beginning of December. Take advantage of those deals while they last.
  • Toys. Retailers will host sales on toys in December to accommodate consumers’ needs on Christmas. As the holiday season draws to a close, look for these toy deals.
  • Christmas decorations. Starting the day after Christmas, many sales pop up that include deep discounts on decorations, wrapping paper, ornaments, artificial trees, and more seasonal items. These discounts are often 50% and rise as time goes on.

What is the Biggest Factor When It Comes to Scoring Major Deals?

Patience is key. If you are willing to wait to buy that one item that you have been eying for a while, you are more likely to get it at the best price possible.

Items are often cheaper during their offseason and when fewer people are predicted to buy that item normally. Online retailers put these items on sale during this time because they want to get rid of that inventory in order to make room for products that people are currently wanting.

Waiting for major holidays to arrive is a good way to save money as well. Retailers will mark down items with the excuse of the upcoming or passing holiday.

Are There Times Where You Can Receive Free Products?

January holds National Spaghetti Day. Check your nearest restaurants for free spaghetti deals.

National Frozen Yogurt Day is February 6th. Look at your nearest frozen yogurt place for some free treats.

Pi Day is March 14th. Pies will be discounted and free on this day.

May 28th is National Hamburger Day. Restaurants will be giving away free hamburgers on this day.

Free donuts always sound like a good idea. National Doughnut Day is June 4th.

July holds two freebie days. National Ice Cream Day is July 18th and ice cream shops usually will hand out free ice cream cones. National Lipstick Day is July 29th. Look for free lipsticks and discounts on this day.

National Waffle Day is August 24th and local restaurants will hand out free waffles on this day.

Keep an eye out for free coffee on National Coffee Day on September 29th.

Everyone enjoys tacos. National Taco Day is October 4th and that means free tacos for everyone in October.

National Sandwich Day is November 3rd and restaurants will be giving out free sandwiches to celebrate this day.

Enjoy a free cookie on National Cookie Day on December 4th.

Source: Nerd Wallet