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Over the last couple of years, TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed worldwide, and due to the pandemic, it has grown even more. Numerous trends have boomed over the past year that people use and continue to grow every day.

Here are 5 trends that have been successful on TikTok:

  1. Music TikTok
  2. Life hacks TikTok
  3. Health and mental care TikTok
  4. Food TikTok
  5. Mom and teacher TikTok

All of these trends have made an impact on TikTok by going viral for others to watch and try. Let’s break it down on why these trends work on TikTok.

  1. Music TikTok

Music TikTok has grown exponentially for many reasons. You may wonder why and how has it grown so much or how is this impacting our society? There are many answers to those questions:

  1. Many people who are singers haven’t had the right platform to put out their songs in the past, and now they do.
  2. When songwriters put their songs out to TikTok and people like them, then it gives them recognition and the chance to have potential producers listen to it. If producers hear this song, it gives the writer the opportunity to sign and make more songs in the future, creating more jobs or opportunities.
  3. These songs are only 30 seconds, but in those few seconds, it can get stuck in people’s heads, and then they start coming up with dances. Once they come up with dances and post with the song, it gets others to see it and listen to the song or try the dance.

There are various people out there with singing potential, and TikTok has become their platform for them to post their songs for everyone to hear and interact with.

  1. Life Hacks TikTok

TikTok is also a platform for people to post specific hacks that they use in everyday life that some people might not know about, like:

  1. Specific ways to organize your house.
  2. What interviewers are looking for when asking specific questions.
  3. How to curl your hair using a different technique.
  4. Makeup hacks or tutorials on what to do differently or what products to use.
  5. Specific items, like a toothpaste dispenser that have changed someone’s life.
  6. Skincare routines or skincare products that are good versus bad.

These are just some of the life hacks that are talked about on TikTok in order to share ideas and help others. It is a way to help people learn better and find easier ways to go about life that some people might not know or have not even thought about.

  1. Health and Mental Care TikTok

Health and mental care are essential, and TikTok has become a platform for people to post ways to help other struggling people. It helps others by giving comfort to those who are too scared to seek help, ideas on how to deal with your health and mental care, and many more tips.

Therapists go on TikTok and give examples on how to relieve stress or anxiety when it flares up, and that is especially nice because therapists have been hard to access recently with the pandemic going on. It is also nice because it is free, so you do not have to pay to get help.

TikTok has helped by making health and mental care a trend by showing that it is okay to struggle sometimes and that everyone needs self-care. When going through a hard time, sometimes people feel alone so this helps people know they are not the only ones going through it.

People also use TikTok to tell their own experience with health and mental care, which has given others a platform to express themselves. This gives other people the ability to know that someone else is going through something that maybe is similar to what they are going through. It has become a platform for the community to help one another through this challenging time.

  1. Food TikTok

TikTok has become a platform for people to post their food recipes, which is fantastic because during the pandemic, people have time to do certain things they weren’t able to try before. It also helps chefs get their recipes out to the world for people to make. Some recipes that are trending currently are:

  1. The tortilla recipe where you cut halfway up a tortilla, put food on all four parts, and then wrap it up.
  2. How to make coffee that tastes like Starbucks.
  3. How to make whipped coffee.
  4. A snack with cream cheese, bell peppers, and everything seasoning.
  5. How to make banana bread.

These are just a couple of the recipes people have posted on TikTok, and there are various more out there. This has only helped people try new things that they haven’t tried before or for people to put out something they eat to see if anyone else has tried it before. There are various recipes worldwide, and this platform helps people try new things and improve their cooking abilities.

  1. Mom and Teacher TikTok

TikTok has become a platform moms and teachers to share ideas about their children, students, or life. This is a nifty trend because it allows for moms and teachers to try new things out and see what works with them and what does not. It also helps moms and teachers to be able to relate to one another.

Some moms and teachers share art and craft ideas, which are fantastic because it can be hard to keep kids preoccupied during the pandemic. They talk about how to deal with certain behaviors. Parents and teachers have shared their experiences with kids, which helps them to learn from each other.

Why Aren’t My TikToks Trending?

If you want a TikTok to go viral and trend online, focus on all of the other TikToks that have gone viral. For example, many of the videos that go viral usually have hashtags in order to reach a larger audience and have it show up on people’s “For You” pages. You will also want to be unique and maybe say something that would elicit a response, like, “tell me you’re a dog mom without telling me you’re a dog mom,” because this encourages people to react to it and share their own experience. This would give you the ability to get your name out there to the world. Remember, be unique because people respond to something that has never been done before. You will also want to pick a specific audience that you want to target because you’ll have an easier time getting viewers.

Another idea that could help you go viral is either telling people about a funny but relatable experience that happened in your life that people can connect to.. You can also make up a dance to a new song that just came out, like “driver’s license” by Olivia Rodrigo, because sometimes songwriters like the original dances that people make up, and then they start to dance with the song. These are just some of the ways that could help your TikToks go viral!

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